Friday 17 May 2013

Porsche 918 Spyder Production Model Revealed in Full

Porsche in 2010 stunned the automotive industry by revealing the new 918 Spyder Concepts, a plug-in hybrid supercar market. New 918 Spyder Concepts not taking too long time in the auto show circuit, Porsche coming in market too fast and announced it would be putting the 918 Spyder into production, with assembly of the first car set to begin on September 18 of this year. Granted, Ferrari and McLaren beat Porsche to the punch by premiering their hybrid hypercars at Geneva in March, but there’s still anticipation aplenty surrounding the 918.

Again Porsche has pulled back with the curtain on the production 918 Spyder’s shape, as well as its technical details. Now refurnished version of 918 Spyder’s has a gorgeous concept quite closely, though there are a few detail changes like the side pipes being replaced by tailpipes poking through the top of the engine cover.
Expect Porsche to start delivering the first 918 Spyders to customers around December.


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