Sunday 9 November 2014

2015 Ninja H2 Promotion Video Launched

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 superbike world premiered at the EICMA 2014 and launched Promotion Video. Designed to be the ultimate motorcycle, the street-going Ninja H2 is based closely on the closed-course Ninja H2R. Powered by a 200 PS supercharged engine, it offers intense acceleration, superb high-speed riding potential, supersport-level handling performance, and a sensory experience surpassing anything that riders can find today.

More than any motorcycle Kawasaki has built to date, the Ninja H2 is a showcase of craftsmanship, build quality and superb fit and finish. Its brilliant silver-mirror paint was specially developed for the Ninja H2. Here is a promotional video of the eagerly anticipated supercharged roading going monster.


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