Thursday 19 March 2015


Motor .Es have reported unique information about the “BMW X7” that has been already announced last year, at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina USA. The Born to Lead SUV will have its tiff with Range Rover.
It is also called BMW F17.The all new X7 would cater to the markets of USA, China and the Middle East.
As per the Motor, X7 is scheduled for a release in 2018.It might have three engine variants of 6,8 and 12 cylinders. Besides being the premiere ‘X’ model to have a v12 engine the model could also incorporate a diesel plugin hybrid version.
The brand plans to produce 45,000 units on an average and the basic variant could be priced at 130,000 Euros (INR 86.72 Lakhs) according to a Spanish site. There is a possibility a concept vehicle might be presented at the Chinese Auto Show two years prior to its market Launch.
The model would bank on the CLAR platform debuting on the new 7 series that should be out by the later part of this year. Due to high strength steel and aluminum the model could work on with a light weight and high strength technology, that could be around 200 kg lighter than a sedan. To add on there is a magnesium and carbon reinforced plastic CFRP.It is planned to pull out 45 units annually from its Spartanburg unit.
As mentioned in the report, its interior would sport the most luxury even better than the X7 series.

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