Sunday 12 April 2015

An Improved Maruti hatchback-Swift to make your heart go vroom

An Improved Maruti hatchback-Swift to make your heart go vroom

Maruti Suzuki is one of the major carmakers in India. Let have a closer look at one of its successful models ? Swift.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is a premium hatchback and was launched in 2005. Designed by 21 Indian designers and engineers Maruti Suzuki Swift was introduced with advanced chassis, transmission, and suspension system. It created new benchmarks since then this Maruti hatchback never looked back.

 The hatchback Maruti Suzuki Swift looks sporty. The dimensions of this hatchback has been enhanced and made stronger. Maruti Suzuki Swift has got increased 90mm of length, increased 40mm of wheelbase and an increased width of 5mm.The different design given to Maruti Suzuki Swift takes it to the next level. Swift has power with elegance. The all new Maruti Suzuki Swift is more fluidic, energetic and stylish. This new hatchback from Maruti Suzuki has several defining features like stylish and bigger vertical tail lamps and head lamps, well designed front grill and sharp edged front bumper and integrated body line on outside. ORVMs with indicator are available that can be controlled electronically in the top variant. The rear sports antenna, 15 Inch alloy wheel and the strong fender flare makes this hatchback from Maruti Suzuki a bit different.

The quality of material used in upholstery of Maruti Swift gives a great feeling. Chrome finished dashboard, doors and steering gives a great look to this hatchback. Electrically operated ORVM with key reminder is an added feature in this Maruti hatchback. Head lamps remain on when you leave your Swift, and warning sound on low fuels. AC vent grills have been given a new design, sliding cup holder for co-passenger, new Speedo LED display with empty tanks to kilometers adds coolness to it. The rear passenger seats of this Swift hatchback are improved but more needs to be added. There is comfortable space for driver and co-passenger. The small parcel tray with indent makes it pretty difficult to fix the rear audio system in variants that lack integrated music system. Driver seat adjuster needs to be introduced as a standard feature. Although the premium trims that are wrapped around with sporty silver accents gives a great feel when you sit in the hatchback. Maruti Suzuki Swift has a waterfall center console. There is a 3 spoke steering wheels and a premium sporty fabric, easy to use storage pockets, retractable cup holder.

Performance of Maruti Suzuki Swift is great whether due to its K-series petrol engine powered by WT and a DDiS Diesel engine. And both the engines give enhanced fuel efficiency. The K-series petrol engine has an increased power output of 87PS, fast acceleration with a great driving experience. 16- Valve light weight DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft) engine with drive chain. It reduces fraction and improves the durable factor. The fuel efficiency is improved and emissions are low. This fact can be well observed through the mileage figure of the hatchback that is 18.6 km/l. The NVH is low because of the reduced friction and mounted hydraulic engine. The maintenance is low with longer intervals for oil change and an improved spark plug life. The award winner DDiS diesel engine ensure a great performance of the hatchback. There is a combination of turbochargers and intercooler in the diesel engine of Maruti Suzuki Swift that leads to efficient combustion and gives a higher torque. With DOHC the valve operation becomes quick and precise. There are more economy and less emissions. As, there is 16-valve cylinder head for giving better breathing that leads to better fuel combustion and clean emissions. The low NHV is achieved with 5- speed multi injection common rail system @1400 bars for a better fuel combustion. The maintenance is low! Well that’s great news for the present hatchback owners or new hatchback buyers. There is chain drive timing system and auto tenstioner for precise valve timing and is maintenance free for the whole life of engine. This hatchback-Maruti Suzuki Swift gives a mileage of 22.9 km/l.
There is superior quality dual SRS airbags that provides better safety to Maruti Suzuki Swift drivers in case of collisions and accidents. There is Boot Assist System (BAS) braking for more efficiency and responsiveness during emergency situations. The ABS used in this hatchback-Maruti Suzuki Swift is a new generation ABS with motor speed regulation system providing a better control of the hatchback. The Torsional Rigidity has been increased that has enhanced stiffness for superior quality of handling. The coated steel sheet to avoid corrosion that helped in improving the anti-rust performance of this premium hatchback named Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The seats have been given an advanced form of designing. The seats of all new Maruti Suzuki Swift are bigger than previous models seats that offer you a higher level of comfort. The cabin is silent now and noise, vibration, and harshness are gone from this hatchback-Maruti Suzuki Swift. The suspension has been strengthened and improved for giving a great driving experience. The instrument panel has a new design and has user friendly multi-information liquid crystal information display. This display has fuel consumption meter and low fuel warning lamp, a 7 step illumination control and other features like odometer, trip meter, temperature and time. This hatchback namely Maruti Suzuki Swift has tilt steering and adjustable driver seat, lane changing indication, car locator and the gear shifting is smooth. This hatchback from Maruti Suzuki comes with more space. This is because of the longer and wider platform with seats designed specially to offer a good amount of leg space and foot space for the rear passenger. The additional storage pockets with additional bottle and cup holders define more storage space effectively. The high end stereo with 6 speakers, auxiliary input and USB sockets are cool to watch. Maruti Suzuki Swift has automatic climate control and stereo mounted illuminated audio control.

New generation RBSS (Rally Based Suspension System) improves the renowned sporty system and also the ride quality. The gear shifts are smooth and maneuvering has become effortless and this can be watched while one shifts the gear. Maruti Suzuki Swift-a premium hatchback turns faster and smoother because of the sharp turning radius of 4.8 meters. There is large diameter and wider, lower profile tyres of this hatchback let it roll on the road giving it great points on the following parameters: improved handling, fuel economy and NVH. The DPT helps in reducing friction in gears with more smooth and enhanced maneuverability of hatchback. The price of this Maruti Suzuki hatchback in New Delhi starts at INR 5, 58, 259.67 and the top model has a price of INR 5, 77, 001.95.

This premium hatchback namely Maruti Suzuki Swift is a great car to buy in 2013 as it gives you comfort, convenience, mileage and better performance. It gives you a sporty feel. So, spare some time from your schedule and give a test drive to this hatchback-Maruti Suzuki Swift.

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