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Drive a Total New Arena Hyundai Magic Verna

Drive a Total New Arena Hyundai Magic Verna

The Hyundai Verna transform is one of the sedan which is worth a buy. Let go deep for more information.

Introduction:  Hyundai is on the track to transform its lineages of cars. The idea is good about what these automakers think of because as we see a daily transformation of technology and cars. The market seems a bit composed and competitive day by day. Furthermore if we talk about the new 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform we see that this sedan from Hyundai has lot of transformations in it hence the name has been changed and coined as Hyundai Verna Transform. Predictably the Sonata and i20 got a transformed coat of Hyundai last year. The 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform is a facelift version of old Hyundai Verna launched back in India predictably in the year 2006. We would like to interest masses that Hyundai’s Verna is a sibling to Hyundai’s dashing sporty edged Accent.

Exterior: The Transformed 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform got a new design in comparison to the old Hyundai sedan. The Hyundai Verna got a cosmetic change through the fluidic philosophy of Hyundai. The front end of the 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform is a change. The front grille has been changed. The grille looks more authoritative and makes the Hyundai Verna Transform a mature sedan. Talking about headlamps we see a different cat eye look for front lamps adjoined by the turn indicating lamps. Hyundai Verna Transform’s bumper and the grille has such a nice finish that it is hard to decide in a glance that where bumper and grille separates from each other. The front half of the body by Hyundai’s fluidic philosophy looks like that it is made out of a big single piece of alloy. This time the bonnet gets an authoritative “V” look that makes masses to imagine the letter “V”.

 The “V” says about what the sedan’s name is Hyundai Verna Transform. 2013 Hyundai Verna Transform’s fog lamps are again a transformation set off. The fog lamps seems to carved as Letter “L” that shows a difference in the sedan. The sedan has a smile too on its nose. The Hyundai Verna Transform gets a smiley nose that is attached with Hyundai’s stylish emblem that defines the company. The small but good point to notice in Hyundai Verna Transform is that the Bonnet’s letter “V’ and nose’s emblem letter “H” are joined together when the bonnet is closed. Imaginatively one can assume as Hyundai Verna Transform is proving its own identity “I am Hyundai’s Verna”. The outside mirrors get illuminative looks for indication too. It gives the sedan a rich look. The Hyundai Verna Transform is available in different body paints. The entire body has creased bold lines which can be seen in others siblings of sedan too. Coming towards rear side of the Hyundai Verna Transform we would like to tell masses that the rear lamps are also revised. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear lamps are bold and beautiful in look. The lamps are adjoined again by indicating lamps. Checking out the boot space one can again imagine about the broader letter “V”. The finish of this Hyundai sedan is outstanding. The look from outside is mesmerizing. The rear bumper is enough broad and the peeping silencer pipes add stars to the tough rear look of Hyundai Verna Transform. A different writing style of the words Hyundai Verna has been used on the back of the sedan. The broader wheelbase gives Hyundai Verna Transform a complete muscular look.

Interior: Hyundai Verna Transform’s Internals are up to the mark and creatively remark full. Beginning with the entrance of the sedan we would like to interest masses that the top variant of this Hyundai sedan have a keyless entry. Coming inside the sedan one will notice the change in interiors. Let’s discuss about the steering of this sedan first. The steering is wrapped with good finished leather. The steering has mounted control buttons for different controls in the sedan. The centrally locked horn gadget shows the Hyundai’s emblem. The arena in the Hyundai Verna Transform is astonishingly good. The leather and fabric seats are making the sedan a sheer pleasure for driving. The leather and fabric is of good quality. The ambience is light and upbeat inside the sedan Verna Transform. Coming towards rest interiors, you will see that the door fabric and leathers are also of same good quality.

 The point is this that fabric and leathers used in the sedan depends on the available variants respectively. Hyundai Verna Transform’s dashboard which steals the look has high quality rubberized plastic coated stuff. Touching it feels like smooth and clean. Ideologically the dashboard is very spacious and clean. The meter console area gives an easy reading to driver’s eye. The reading numbers are quite bold to read. Easy indications are also placed on the console board. Hyundai Verna Transform Console board also shows other data like fuel warnings, distance meter, temperature meter etc. Discussing about the control buttons we would like to know one that the driver ease is first thing for the car makers so as in Hyundai Verna Transform. Hyundai Verna Transform Control buttons are for integrated audio and phone controls. The height adjustment feature is good option for the seats. Front seats have a thigh support which is a good deal. There is a bit thigh support for rear passengers too that is comfortable in exhaust human conditions. The head and leg room is quite spacious for rear and front as well. Hyundai Verna Transform’s front passenger seat is very good and has a spacious arena to sit. 

The armrest is also good as we discussed about the quality of fabric and leather is good. The seat pockets have a good storage capacity too. Hyundai Verna Transform’s faux wood option is available for different variants. The faux wood is trimmed and adjusted in window panels and other required areas too. Moving forward towards rear passenger seats we found good finished fabric and leathers on available variants. The seating is nicely cushioned by the fabric and leather seats. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear seats have good leg room for passengers. This Hyundai sedan is worth a travel car. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear bench is nice broad and spacious for at least three gaudy travelers. On an average, four people can sit though. Hyundai Verna Transform’s rear seat has storage cum armrest which has a good fabric and leather too. The sedan comfort can be enjoyed at its best when four people travel in all in all. Hyundai Verna Transform’s door opens wide and easy for exit. All doors are coming with good pockets to store things. Instruments of the sedan are a total different saga. Hyundai Verna Transform’s instruments are at its best. Hyundai Verna Transform’s dashboard has good audio system attached.

 The Faux wood finish makes the audio system looks elegant. It has Bluetooth, aux.usb, and iPod connectivity options. One can also find the CD player and radio option too. Music system is driver’s property as he can control it through steering mounted controls. Talking about the gear box we would like to interest masses that the gear box and bar looks very elegant. The stylish looks are combined by five speed option. Other options for Hyundai Verna Transform’s instrument are driver side window controls for power window shifts, lock, and some other options depending on the available Verna Transform variants. Let’s check out the storage capacity of the sedan. The front pocket has got some space for the storage the glove box has a deeper storage capacity too. The front seats have back big pouches for storing. The armrest for rear seats has also a storage capacity. The boot space is larger. Boot space of this Hyundai sedan is sufficient for at least four large size bags and two small size bags.
Power and performance: The Hyundai Verna Transform will be now available with four choices to consumers. The engines are offering a range of 1.4Liters and 1.6Liters of capacities. The other two engine options are same but having two different options for automatic transmission. The different engines providing automatic operations are of same 1.4 and 1.6 Liter of capacity. The auto transmission is an option for both diesel as well as petrol variant of Verna Transform. The diesel variant of this sedan has 1.6L VGT engine gets a six speed gear box as well as a four speed gear box too. The USP of the sedan is that within the price bracket of eleven lakhs this is the only diesel sedan that has the auto transmission option.

The petrol engines are also good option to choose from Verna’s lineage. The powerful engine shows a displacement of 1599cc and puts 105PS of power and a maximum of 146Nm of torque through a five-speed manual transmission to the front wheels. The petrol performance of this Hyundai sedan is 100kph in 13.0seconds and completed the quarter mile in 18.7 seconds. The diesel consumers will also get a lot to take out from Hyundai Verna Transform diesel type. The first thing about the sedan is that it is fuel efficient car. The second thing is that the auto transmission is available in diesel variant of Verna Transform too. Rest everybody knows that diesel fill ups are priced lower than petrol fill ups so this is always an add-on. The detailed engine benefits are 1.4L petrol engine gets a displacement of 1396cc of engine which churns at around 105.53 PS @6300 rpm having a torque of 135.37 Nm @5000 rpm with a transmission of 5 speed manual gear box and 1.6 L petrol gets a displacement of 1591cc of engine which churns at around 121.36 Ps @6300 rpm having a torque of 155 Nm @ 4200 rpm with a transmission of 5 speed manual and 4 speed auto gear box. Furthermore talking about diesel one will get 1.4L diesel engine gets a displacement of 1396cc of engine which churns at around 88.77 Ps @4000 rpm having a torque of 220 Nm @ 2750 rpm with a transmission of 6 speed manual gear box and 1.6 L diesel engine gets a displacement of 1582cc of engine which churns at around 126.33 Ps @4000 rpm having a torque of 259.96 Nm @ 2750 rpm with a transmission of 6 speed manual and four speed auto gear box. The engine is CRDI 16 valve that is also displayed even on the sedan’s back and on engine as well as. All in all elegant engine adds to elegance and luxury drivability.
Ride and handling: The Verna Transform got lot of good improvements. This Hyundai sedan can be driven off easily on city and highways as well. The riding quality of Verna Transform is outstanding. The gear box is smooth so it makes the ride too. The big wheels depending upon the availability of variants makes the drive at fullest edge. The steering plays an important role in handling the sedan. The tilt option gives the Hyundai sedan an extra star. Balance comes at its best due to bigger wheel base and driver feels much confident. The braking with ABS is perfect match for the sporty and gaudy Verna Transform. The pit holes on the road are taken smoothly by Verna Transform. The steering gets smoother and lighter when this Hyundai sedan takes on the high speed requirements. Overall Verna Transform makes one feel comfortable in city and highways too.

Comfort and Convenience: The Hyundai Verna Transform gives the best of the comfort features and convince too. The comfort starts from entering the sedan. This Hyundai sedan has keyless entry. The leather or fabric and cushioned seats make one feel good. The Thigh support for seats also makes one comfortable. The security brings the convenience and relaxation too. The air bags are available for all. The big convenient feature is available is that the sedan locks the door itself when the sedan starts moving and unlocks when in case of collision and accidents. The comfort at its best can be said for the sedan because every aspect of the sedan will drive one crazy.

Pricing and variant: The Hyundai Verna Transform is available in six body paints. The colors are vibrant and eye soothing too. The Verna Transform is available in top to entry variant. The Verna Transform entry level of diesel and petrol 1.4 liter is available in 8.8 and 7.3 lakhs respectively. The price for 1.6 liter version for petrol Verna Transform starts with 7.66 lakhs to 9.58 lakhs respectively depending on the availability of variants. The 1.6 liter Hyundai Verna Transform diesel variant starts with 8.71 lakhs to 10.64 lakhs respectively depending on the availability of variants.

Conclusion: The Hyundai Verna Transform has really done a transformation to masses by its fresh looks and interiors too. This Hyundai sedan predictably can get good market if the carmaker puts some of the best features to entry level also. The looks for entry level are kept same but some more features can make the sedan to sell more over the grown competitions. The entry level market show off is growing faster.


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