Saturday, 11 April 2015

Driving Tips for Beginners

Do you feel that a 15 years age is enough for driving? Do you also feel to shop around?

Driving Tips for Beginners - Do you feel that 15-year-old boy or girl is able to drive? Do you also feel to go for shopping in car without taking an adult along? Are you planning to buy new car or used car, but still feeling difficult to drive!! Have patience; here are few handy driving rules and tips for beginners.   First thing that comes in car driving comes is relaxed and cool mind with a zeal and confidence to drive. It is not at all a tough exercise, when a 15 year old buy, an illiterate and a 70-year-old Aunty can drive a car - is it that you can’t drive? Absolutely no!!Know the car before attempting the initial drive. Know about clutch plate, brake, how to change gear and how to get car slow down. Remember, it’s not racing competition. “Slow Drive is a Safe Drive”. Stay cool and relaxed as well as follow narrow driving approach, obey traffic signals, rules and keep a safe distance with front car.  

Do not change lane very frequently and do not make sudden jack up and jack down speed of car. Stay away from the use of mobile phone while driving. It distracts a lot. While overtaking - make a wise judgment. Do not change gears frequently. Like in matter of seconds, some drivers change gears numerous times. Maintain speed depending on traffic condition. Nobody can learn driving while reading these easy tips for beginners driving but If one follow the basics and rules and go on the road - within a very short span of time - one can find him in a comfortable and safe position while driving.

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Stay in right gear while driving. Do not start car or bring to standstill in third gear and create unnecessary problems. Does your car have a rev counter? If yes, you are lucky! Make sure that engine does not go more than 2,000 revs under normal road conditions. When it touches more than 2,000, shift to next gear. If you are much below 2,000 revs and feel the engine knocking, shift to a lower gear. While you can slow down by shifting down and using engine braking, let it always be a secondary braking method, in addition to applying the brakes.   


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