Sunday 12 April 2015

Fast Five for Mobility Choice

A glance at what options are available for mobility conversion vehicle choosing consumer.

The question is that How far the science and technology has gone and made a success for the mobility challenged drivers to choose the best cars or vehicles among Sedan minivans SUV’s and crossover. The Physically challenged people have also lot of choices for their respective love regarding four wheelers. The auto town has developed such vehicles weather it is sedan, coupes, SUV’s Minivans and Vans. 

We want to be an awake alarm for the consumers who are mobility challenged and want to choose a mobility conversion vehicle. Consumers should ask five questions to their souls before purchasing the vehicle weather it is sedan, coupes, SUV’s Minivans and Vans. How severe one’s mobility challenge is? One should consider their degree of mobility challenge and then go for the mobility conversion vehicle. 

Mr. Gawain president of Braun ability enterprises says "We encourage our customers to consider both their present circumstance and future condition, as well. This is an investment in a vehicle, so be honest with what is needed not just now, but two, five, 10 years down the road. Will you have the same strength and energy level? If you travel with a caretaker, will they still have the ability to help you transfer and stow your wheelchair or scooter? These are the critical questions to ask when making this decision."Second question to consider is how important the practicality and convenience is available in motor vehicles such as sedan, coupes, SUVs, Minivans and Vans. Mr. Dave Hubbard, executive director and CEO of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA)."Generally speaking, a minivan or van is more practical, particularly for those individuals in wheelchairs. An organization dedicated to monitoring the safety and reliability of conversion vehicles. Drivers do not have to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat, as they can drive from the wheelchair. Plus, the additional space is ideal. 

The wheelchair does not need to be broken down when storing in the vehicle. This makes transferring from wheelchair to vehicle not only easier, but quicker as well”. The other three aspects before buying the conversion mobility vehicle are shopping for both current and future needs, climate usage of vehicle and before buying checking a good and helpful mobility dealer.


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