Sunday 12 April 2015

How to Sell your Cars

Are you feeling bored with your old car get another by selling it. Or perhaps you simply have a car

Are you feeling bored with your old car get another by selling it. Or perhaps you simply have a car that you’re not using anymore, so it makes sense to sell it and get some extra cash rather than let it sit around. No matter the circumstances, it’s not too difficult to sell a car if you take the time to do it correctly. This means setting a fair price, advertising efficiently and being ready to negotiate.

But how you can get right price for your car some tips are for you:

-Don’t is overly eager for a sale or you might miss a warning sign. If a caller seems suspicious to you, simply hang up. Set the correct and right value for your car accordingly the price of it. Check its resale value and see what similar vehicles are selling for in your area, what is the market situation of cars in that particular area and what is the graph of using car in that location. Use these figures to evaluate and set your own price, and leave a little room for negotiation. Don’t be stick with your price some negotiation has no problem.

-Be spec to your car or have it done professionally. A clean, shiny car gives the impression that it has been well cared for, which will make it more attractive to buyers. These are the formalities but necessary to do it.

-Collect all your maintenance and repair receipts and put them in a handy place, such as the glove compartment, so you can show them to potential buyers. Showing repair receipts will back up any claims, such as "This car has brand new brakes" or "The transmission was just repaired last fall. This type of information gives a confidence to buyer and your work becomes easy.

-Write ad text that emphasizes your car’s best points, and take some flattering photographs. Imagine everything you’d want to hear as a buyer, and work that into the add and list on a popular car site such as This site is a ultimate platform for selling and buying both new and used cars.

-Only schedule a test-drive with serious buyers you are able to reach by phone. Invite questions when you talk with them. This prevents you from having to show the car to someone who isn’t really interested, or someone you’d rather not deal with. If the caller doesn"tseem to know what to ask, volunteer the basics about the car: year, make, model, color, number of doors, number of miles on the car and its key features.

-Beware of professional buyers who just want to "flip" cars, which mean reselling them quickly at a profit. Flippers bargain aggressively. You can usually identify these callers because they quickly want to get to your lowest selling price. If you have doubts, ask them if they’re buying to resell. While flippers might not pose a hazard to your personal safety, it’s better to avoid dealing with them.

-Refuse any unusual requests, such as driving the would-be buyer to another location. Often, such a request is framed in terms of getting the money or arranging a loan to finish the sale. Instead, tell the buyer to make his arrangements on his own and call you back when he is ready to conclude the sale.

-If the test-drive begins and ends at your home, don’t let the prospective buyer into the house. Conduct the transaction at the curb. Have the paperwork ready beforehand and keep the car’s title, often called "pink slip," unsigned and out of sight until you have full payment.

-Once the deal is complete and the car is out of your hands, immediately file a "release of liability" form with the registry of motor vehicles. Then, if it’s used in a crime, you won’t be held responsible.

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