Sunday 12 April 2015

Less Fuel Consumption by New Engine Systems

Changing technology is a very popular thing in auto town. Engineers and auto major?s are revamping technologies for the betterment. We have to check out ahead what is now new.

USA streets have been growling form the goofing around noise of vehicles. As we said that technology is going to change the fate of auto town so as of vehicles too. Now this growling sound can be checked out by the invention of start- stop systems for engine in the vehicles. The system will not only control the growling system but also going to save the fuel consumption. Thus we can also get predictably get assured that environment can be secure because of low emissions. In a nutshell we can say that the start-stop system of the engine will be seen in action by driver’s pressing accelerator pedal or releasing brake pedal when the vehicle turns Idle. This technology was already available in hybrids but now it would be available in conventional vehicles too, weather a sedan, hatchback or SUV. It saves fuel consumptions and lessens the tailpipe emissions at around 3-10%, this percent can also go up if the car is hybrid. All in all we can say that this technology is already been used in hybrid sports car but for a change now it will be seen in conventional cars too.

Fuel-Save Stop Start System

Fuel Excluders: The stop-start systems invention can be a combo pack of fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions by 3-10 percent, and even more if the vehicle is a hybrid. Not only eliminating engine inertness the stop-start systems also subtracts toxic and brumous tailpipe emissions. The systems deliver their fuel economy improvements in city situations that involve lots of stop-and-go driving situations. By this system these stops and go situations can be controlled for the consumers. Many of the premium hybrids at a range of $300 to 400 have this system in them. Ford motors have announced its first stop start system offered with an option of automatic transmission variant. The price is announced at $295.

Prospect Gains: The prospect or consumer gains are unbelievable as comparing to $4 a gallon of gasoline is much costlier than to fit a system of stop and start as it is much economic $300 for three or less years. A vehicle churning out 20 Mpg fitted with a stop and start system that offers a 3.5 % fuel economy improvement over 15,000 miles of whole year driving would use almost 25.5 fewer gallons of gas each year. That’s what a whole year’s savings of $102.  A $300 system offering a 10 percent fuel economy boost would earn back its cost in just 13 months with gas at $4 a gallon.

How System Works: The chief feature back stage for engine stop-start systems is the computer programs that control them. Drivers are at ease and don’t interact with the engine computer. If the person is driving then his/her pressure on accelerator and brake pedal makes the magic happens. The stop-start systems are designed as the customer or driver presses the brake pedal then computer indirectly sends a "ready" signal to the engine controller. The clutch pedal is often the control device on vehicles with manual transmissions. When the vehicle comes to a total stop the controller quiets the engine down and depending on the design of the system and type of transmission pre-positions the starter motor transmission and fuel injection system to provide immediate engine restart when the driver either presses the accelerator pedal or releases the brake pedal.

Rest what quiets down: If one Turn’s off the engine in his/her car or truck then both the air-conditioning and heating systems will stop functioning, that's because they take lots of electricity from the fitted generator, which doesn't generate when the engine is shutoff.  Stephen Poulos, GM's chief engineer for eAssist and battery-electric propulsion systems said that “Heating and cooling is one of the big challenges in stop-start development.  GM models with the eAssist mild hybrid system include a stop-start system. "If you stop the engine, how do you keep the temperature in the cabin comfortable? It's not a huge problem on mild days or when the stop period is very short. But it is on very hot or very cold days. It's also an issue when there's a lengthy delay, such as at a railroad crossing or a major intersection with long intervals between red and green lights”. Toyota's Prius a full hybrid diva and uses an electric air-conditioning and heating system that isn't dependent on the car's internal waver engine. Ford also uses a similar system. There are some systems which simply turn on the engine back whenever the cabin temperature falls above or below the driver's preset limits.

Array Ladings: The Start and stop systems are a burden on engines but then they also requires a lot from fitted arrays or batteries. While a conventional vehicle might take on the battery for engine ignition power three or four times a day. A vehicle equipped with a stop-start system might place that kind of burden on the battery ample times a day. The battery also takes out power for other instruments turn on and off. The typical Hybrids like Prius use large batteries as to generate more power for the usage. Comparatively the conventional vehicles are not able to fulfill the stop and start demands as the batteries fitted for the vehicle is not much powerful and bigger like Hybrids.  Big batteries are much comfortable to give a kick to the stop and start system in comparison to 12 volt lead acid batteries as the big batteries are rechargeable five times faster and better than the 12 volt array. These helps more to kick start the engine easily and results good performance. There are also critic remarks for the big batteries that it can be degraded easily and of no use but then ‘Garth Cole’ executive director of product development for Johnson Controls' Original Equipment business unit says that “it has not experienced any increase in warranty claims due to premature battery failures”. Other words from ‘Birgit Sorgenfrei’ Ford's stop-start systems program manager says that “AGM batteries are designed for the kinds of loads" placed on them by stop-start systems, says Ford expects and warranties the stop-start Fusion's AGM batteries to perform throughout their three-year life expectancy. AGM batteries, like most lead-acid batteries, typically come with multiyear warranties that provide for free replacement if the battery fails in the first three years, and then offers a prorated replacement schedule for the rest of the warranty period”.

The new invention’s drawback: This is a catch for customers of driving any vehicle with the start and stop system as many customers are not able to find the system according to their ease and comfort. People criticize the system well and might be possible that it is done because of less of education aspects on driving. A Senior Analyst suggests that "Education needs to accompany introduction of this technology because car buyers will have to learn how these systems function differently from what they are used to. The burden for this will fall on the dealerships, but smart dealers will see it as another way to build relationships with consumers”.

The system is an old hat for hybrids: Stop-start systems are an old hat for people who drive hybrids. These cars always have assimilated stop-start system to help improve fuel economy and consumption. The hybrid big batteries are always a help for the consumers as they operate the vehicle and can easily develop the start stop system. Poulos says the "bare-bones" e Assist system can deliver a 10-15 percent fuel-efficiency improvement. Embellishments such as low-rolling-resistance tires and aerodynamic improvements to the vehicle can boost savings to 25 percent”.

Contrast between big batteries and 12 volts: The big batteries are easy as for working on vehicles as they were used in hybrids and now going to work in conventional cars as to make start and stop system a success. The 12 volt batteries did not able to provide the multi function as they can be used only in shutting on and off of the engine when cars is on a complete idle. If we consider fuel efficiency is a goal to compete than big batteries such as present in Prius can help.

Predicted fast growth: The system can be predictably going to grow faster in coming years for the auto town. It is now a way out for the automobile industry to tackle this without the big batteries. Some of the models has going to come out are Ford's 2013 Fusion, Chrysler V6 HFE high-fuel-efficiency and a lot more to come. Many market researchers say that the new invention is going to market the trend soon. All in all we would say ‘Hats off to technology and engineers'.

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