Sunday 12 April 2015

Reasons to Sell Car

Every car owner is love for his car is different. Some people become bored in a year or two. For

Reasons to Sell Car - Every car owner's maintain car for different reasons. Some get bored in a year or two. On the other hand, some love to drive the same car for fifteen or twenty years, or until the car is beyond not anymore useful. Reasons for falling out of love may vary with each owner: some people are in the habit of changing their cars every time a higher version is launched by the company; for some others the car is all about their status symbol; some people junk car after it has met with an accident and has started giving mechanical problems. A car is the desire for most of the people. For many, a car is also a status symbol. "Many people change cars just to get better features, and want to drive the latest models,"

With the increment in disposable incomes, it is natural to see individuals changing cars and opting for higher variants that provide a more comfortable and smoother ride. It is like that in your first job, you bought a small car. However, as your income increases your affordability is bound to improve. Thus, you would now want to drive the luxurious one. If you earlier daily usage was 10 km a day, which has gone up to 50 km a day now, it might necessitate a change since you spend more time in your car daily. To enjoy a comfortable drive of up to 50 km, you need parking sensors, better shock absorbers, better seats, and better music system in your car. This could mean buying a new car. However, financial advisers sound caution: "Don't spend more than 10% of your monthly income on a depreciating asset like a car," says Visual Dawn, founder, Plan Ahead Wealth Ad visors.

There are many people who prefer selling a car once it has touched the mark of 40,000-45,000 km. If you drive on regular basis, it could take you a mere three years to cover that distance. After running 45,000 km, the car begins to age. At this point of time, there may be some inevitable expenses on the car. You may require changing tires, battery, and clutch could be worn, AC gas may be required to refill and so on. In a nutshell, this condition will kick off the series of problems and expenditures at regular intervals. Many opine that instead of spending on repairing and maintenance, it may be well to change the car itself.

One of the most important reasons for selling your old car is spiraling fuel prices. High petrol prices may necessitate buying a new diesel running car as you save on fuel prices. Three years back, in July 2009, petrol prices were Rs. 48.76 per litter in Mumbai. Now petrol prices have moved up to Rupees 75.14 a liter, a rise of Rupees 26.38, or 54% so for a person who drives 2,000 km a month, the fuel cost could be in the range of Rupees 12,000-16,000 per month. Additionally, diesel prices have moved up from Rupees 36.7 a liter to Rupees 45.99 a liter. If he drives a diesel car, the fuel cost would be around Rupees 5,000-7,000 a month.


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