Saturday 11 April 2015

Some secrets that help You While Purchasing a Car

Purchasing a car is not as easy as you think, and it is always better to read different car reviews online before making this important decision.

When you are thinking of purchasing a new car, you might be checking out lots of options available to you. The online websites help you compare between different cars, according to their size and your budget. You can have a look at different types of sedans, hatchbacks, compact, and sub – compact cars. You can also check the fuel efficiency that the different models and makes are giving, and choose the most fuel efficient options. The mileage that is shown on the sites are determined in standard driving conditions, and this may vary according to your driving habit. Having a look at the fuel efficiency of the car is very important as is it will tell you how much running costs you will have to bear. So, if you have a look at such figures, then you can save a huge amount of money ultimately.

Car Buying Guide

Nowadays many hybrid options are also available in the market. Initially these vehicles cost more than the conventional cars, but in the long run it will prove to be more efficient than the others. Over the years, as you save money on the fuel, you will be able to recover the extra amount of money that you had paid. Apart from this you will have to do a comprehensive survey before finalizing your car. You should have all the information about the dealers in your locality. If you are opting for a car loan, then you have to be very clear about the price of the car, the amount of loan you will take, the rate of interest that will be charged, and the monthly installments that you will have to pay. The tenure of the loan repayment is very important as the interest paid increases, as you stretch the loan return tenure. You should also keep your credit record up to date, so that the processing of the loan takes place fast.

Once you have chosen the car that you like, and which also fits your budget, then you should search for dealers in your locality who is giving the best price. Always find out the reputation of the dealer, and the after sales service that it provides you, so that the long term association can be had with the dealer. You should also clarify what all charges you will be required to pay so that later on there is no confusion. If you wish to go for a test drive, then it is very important that you have a valid driver’s license with you. You should also check the best insurance policy that you have with the help of an insurance estimator, so that you get only the best insurance deals.

Apart from the standard accessories, the car requires some additional accessories too, which will add character to your car. Make sure that you compare prices of the standard accessories in different dealers, and opt for the best deal along with genuine accessories only. While going to the dealer, ensure that you have the latest check book with you, to make the down payment of your dream car.

Negotiating with the dealer is a very important, as well as, a very tedious job too. Lots of bargains are taking place in the market, and you also have to bargain to get a good deal. It is a sort of a battle, and you should be prepared for this from the very beginning itself. Check the prices with the different dealers, and then negotiate more on the best price that they are giving. Some prior research on the market value of the car will prove helpful while negotiating. Even if you are ready with all the cash required for purchasing the car, do not tell this to the dealer. The dealer will think that he will make money from the loan you take and reduce the price significantly.

Always find a dealer who has a good stock of the car that you wish to buy. This will increase the chances of you getting better deals. One golden rule that you should never forget while negotiating is that always bargain on the invoice price, and not on the price marked on the sticker.


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