Saturday 11 April 2015

Tips to Prepare for Road Trips

The vacations are arriving shortly and a few tips for road trips does not seems a good idea.

Be it end of weekend or vacation time there is nothing better than packing your stuff, hitting the freeways, and taking a leap away from the hectic traffic stricken daily life. But driving much away from your place of living may or may not be a very good idea always. But if you can keep a few car driving tips in mind while taking any such out of the way path, you can probably save yourself from lots of unwanted trouble. Here a few important points that you must keep in mind before you kick off for any new path.

Pace up

On longer journeys try and maintain a constant speed that is neither too high nor too low. Cover that distance that is manageable at constant speed without wearing yourself and your car. Remember, it is not the last day you have to drive next day again. SO manage the speed, distance, and time in a way that is economic to you in terms of money, fuel, your potential, and energy. Longer journeys are for fun not for getting over exhausted and missing all the fun of the way.

Get Your Car Up-to-Date

As you prepare for your journey, prepare your car too for the same. A week before you start get your car serviced completely, see all aspects of it are well maintained and in good condition. As for a day or two before you start, make a checklist and check weather all factors related to your car are in perfect condition or not. Get your tyres inflated, along with the spare tyre, with optimum pressure, check the engine, coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer, and all other fluids before you start your journey.

Pack Well

Make sure you have packed all required things for yourself and your car as well. Always take care to carry ample amount of water, energy drinks, chocolates, and first aid kit for yourself. And as for your car carry some other handy things like flash light, jack, spare wheel, car’s tool kit, spare wheel, duct tape, etc.

Well Planned Trips Always Pay Off Well

It’s a good habit to plan at least some part of destinations, routes, and sources prior starting. Adventurous trips are good but only when they are executed well and you have plenty of resources to manage yourself and other things with you in middle of somewhere and nowhere. Always keep a map with you, and considering a present scenario, if you are very fond of unplanned journeys and trips get a GPS navigation fitted in your car so that in every and all situation you are never lost.

Halt Whenever and Wherever You Need to

It is very exhausting and stressful to drive for hours at a constant speed. Take short halts to distress your muscles and take as short walk around whenever you stop to get your muscles relaxed. There are restrooms provided adjoining to all fuel stations and dhabas that are found along freeways and regular ways. They are a good place to freshen up and have some snacks and tea break in the way.


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