Friday 11 December 2015

Make your car winter Ready now

A car break down in the cold weather is the last thing any-body would ever want. Getting out of the car, looking for a mechanic or someone else for help all seems to be nearly impossible considering the harsh cold conditions. Therefore it is very important to keep a check on your vehicles before the days start getting colder and chillier.

Keeping a check on your cars is a sensible way to make your car face the winter conditions, without breaking down with unexpected problems. 

Making your cars winter ready is not that difficult, provided you are ready in advance, before the temperature takes a dip. This being the need of the season change, investing a bit in the maintenance of your car would give you attain peace of mind, help you avoid any hassles caused by the severe weather conditions.

Autocarbazar offers a few tips and tricks to be followed while making your car winter ready:

*If in case your car needs a tuning, get it done before the onset of the winter season, as the cold might make things worse resulting in a hard start, sluggish performance etc.

*Cold conditions can play a toll on your battery, so keep that in check.

*Check upon the cooling system of your car, this needs a check even in the cold weather.

*Keep a tab over the heater of car, along with the wipers, defrosters they come really handy during the winter season, especially when it gets foggy.

*keep a thorough check over the tyres of the car for the tyre tread and its pressure.

*Don’t forget to get the brakes checked; braking system is the most imperative feature in any of the vehicles.

*Make sure the lights of the car are all working fine, starting from the head lights to the tails lights. Also add on the fog lamps if they are missing in the car.


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