Saturday 11 April 2015

Figuring out how much you should pay for a car

A collection of some important points that may help you figure out car price of your choice of car.

New and used car are offered at varied prices across various dealerships and markets. But how many are offering genuine prices and how many that is matter of luck. But we may suggest you a few points that may help you in paying the right price for your car.

Buying a New Car

1. Buying a new car is quite different experience than buying any other asset. Its value depreciates with time; therefore it becomes necessary to consider the price that you pay for your car.
2. The amount of money that you pay for your car gets consumed as your car gets older. So you may say that the value of your paid money gets wasted with time. This is a must point to remember.
3. Paying more for a car doesn't guarantee that your car will be free from scratches, dents, and other mishaps. The fact is, the damage that your car will be suffering will be affecting your pocket more heavily.
4. Also remember, that second hand or used cars are offered at comparatively lower prices. These cars that you buy may or may not give you true value for the money paid.
5. A new car is new only for a day, from next day onward it is a used car. The very next day after you buy your car the value of your car reduces by 10-15%, and the next day more that and so on.
6. The car loan is not available to everyone, and in no case it ensures a better deal at any outlet.
7. Buying a car in cash compels you to be a thoughtful buyer as you will think ten times before you invest any amount in whatever you are buying.

Car dealers make maximum profit over car accessories. Since most of the consumers don’t know the difference in features between low-end and high end  models, dealers take advantage of their lack of awareness and credit extra amount for small accessories like wind shield wipers, ACs, power windows, etc. So before you step in any showroom to buy a car, make sure you have complete idea of what features are being offered in the base model and which ones are being offered in top-end models. And note the point that maximum car makers these days provide front power windows, ACs, and wipers as standard features across all models without any differentiation of low end or high end model.


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