Saturday 11 April 2015

Getting A Car Without Losing Time

A few tips to cut short the lengthy car buying process

There is nothing more annoying than a dragging purchase process be it a car or anything. And vendors do often find several loopholes to delay the process when they should be helping the customer in getting through the process as soon as possible. But these days, several companies are eyeing the matter seriously and are looking for ways through which customer’s time can be saved and they can be given their purchase in minimum time.

The various ways that they use to help their buyers ranges from mobiles to customer care services that manage most of queries and complaints from prospects, buyers, and customers. Internet haven’t been that friendly when it comes to buying a car, and despite so many hi-tech features it still take hours to negotiate purchase and make payments.

Companies are trying to sort out these problems by bringing-in several new measures. For e.g. AutoNation Inc. in US that is largest dealers network in US, has been working on a new pricing strategy that would suggest prices on latest market updates rather than offering the MSRPs printed on car price-tags. As in words of its Chief Executive “They’ve all done their homework. They don’t want to step into a process designed for the village idiot.”

The tech-savvy customers are more advanced and dealers need to learn to tackle them even in India where more and more people are going for buying cars under influence of internet and latest updates. People these days have a hectic schedule and nobody has much time to spare on meaningless delays and prolonging procedures. Therefore it becomes quite necessary for auto dealers and majors to look into the matter and devise to manage customer’s orders more efficiently.


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