Saturday 11 April 2015

General safety tips while working in your car

Keep in mind that my car repair safety tips are very essential to keep in mind.

Car repair safety tips are very essential to keep in mind as distraction from the job might do a bigger harm.  On the other hand, working with car safety tips can help to get the job done with ease and comfort. Keep in mind that my car repair safety tips are very essential to keep in mind as well as you will not face the question of how to repair my car?

1. Jack Stands

A firm and controlled foundation is vital to safety. Use at least four strong jack stands capable enough to hold car’s weight. While buying jack stands, check their capacity. Multiply it four times and compare result to GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). Capacity of collective stands should far outweigh car’s entire weight. Additionally, floor jack is also required because suspension has to be set free of tension in order to remove strut mountings at top and bottom.

2. Information

Knowledge is very necessary to do the job safely. Get your hands on technical service process and ensure you READ step-by-step criteria before starting the job. If you are not sure that you understand the instructions, ask an expert. It is a lot less taxing on body to eat little humble pie than to be hit by a spring bouncing out from under a suspension.

3. Have Proper lighting

Provide proper lightening on the subject to get the job done without any problem.

4. No Smoking, Ever

Do not even think of smoking while carrying the maintenance process as leaked fuel might cause a bigger problem.

5. No Mood-Altering Substances

Do not follow distracting subject and events as you might get hurt to the large extent if working carelessly. Actually, you are free to enjoy after job is done.

6. Never Work Alone

Car maintenance requires more than one person to get the job done. If you will work alone then you are more prone to get injuries. For required help, you can call your friend or any other helpful person. Exercise like installing clutch plates essentially requires two persons.


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