Saturday 11 April 2015

How to store your car when going for a long

It's very important to make sure that your cars has been stored

It’s very important to make sure that your cars has been stored properly when it’s not being used for a long time.  Autocarbazar tells you how... What do you think is a long enough time to store a car away when not in use? We’ll say maximum one month. If you are sure that your car won’t be running for at least a months’ time, make sure that you follow these steps to ensure that unnecessary damage is avoided to your vehicle...

- Instead of leaving with an empty tank, top it up so that there condensation doesn't accumulating inside the fuel tank. You should also add a fuel stabilizer and drive the car for some time to distribute the additive to engine parts.

- Before storing it away, make sure that the car has been washed and waxed properly. Else over time, its lustrous finish will wear off and you won’t even recognize your car.

- If you have a garage, place a polyethylene drop cloth on the floor of the garage. It will act as a vapor barrier for your car.

- Do not engage the parking braless as over time it will simply corrode.

- Remove the wheels and let the car be on jack stands. It will aid in reducing the wear and tear on the rim and tires.

- Remove the battery from its bay and place it on a trickle type charger. If possible, try draining it out occasionally using a light bulb and then build up the charge using a low-voltage charger.

- Use a rag and stuff it at the end of the tailpipe to make sure that moist air doesn't get in and damage the car. By following these simple steps, you can be sure that on returning from your long holiday you are not greeted by a car that requires an instant run to the mechanic. Just install everything back and your car is in as good a condition, as you left it in. 


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