Saturday 11 April 2015

Simple Yet Effective Tips On Tire Maintenance

A few tips on how to look after tires of your car and give them a long, healthy, and durable life.

Many a times, we take care of all other parts but fail to give due attention to its tires. This might not be good and may result in jeopardizing our own safety. The fuel efficiency of your car is compromised in absence of proper tire care. The brakes too do not work properly if the tramp of the tires has worn out. If the tires are not properly inflated they lose the ability to bear the load that they are supposed to bear. So, the next time you load your luggage and family in the car for the weekend trip ensure that the tires have proper air pressure.

Maintaining proper tires is very important for any automobile owner. Just like you maintain your car,the same way you have to take good care of the tires too. The durability of the tires determines your own safety on roads to a greater extent. If you fail to take proper care of your tires, then it’squite possible that you might get stranded in the middle of nowhere at any hour of the day. If you wish to avoid such a sticky situation then it is very important that you maintain the tires regularly.

Some simple steps that will help you to take proper care of your tires are discussed below:

Read the manual carefully: When you purchase a new car always read the instruction manual very carefully. Make sure you learn everything that you have to do periodically to ensure you keep your car in proper condition. When you open the driver side door, there it is written how much psi air you have to maintain in the tires of your car. Make sure that you fill the instructed amount only, and do not follow others. Make sure to check the pressure gauge of the tires at least once a month. It is more important to measure the tire pressure during winters, as compared to other seasons.

Rotate the position of tires: Another simple tip to maintain the longevity of the tires is to rotate their positions after every 6000Km to 8000Km. This is very important as this ensures that all the tires of your car wear evenly. Following this tip can help significantly in improving the life of the tires. If tires are not rotated periodically, there are chances that one of the tires might wear more than the others, and you might have to replace it before others.

Periodically check the depth of the tread: Another important practice is to check the depth of the treads of your tires. You can take a coin for this test. You just have to insert the coin in the tread, and see how much of the coin gets inside the tread. If you see that half the coin gets covered then your tires are in good condition.

Check the conditions of the tread regularly: For the longevity of your tires it is a must that you check the pattern how your tread wears out regularly. If you know the look of your tire treads, then you will be able to notice the difference in the treads as and when they happen. It is very important that you notice when your tire has worn down, and replace them immediately. You must immediately change tires in case you notice treads on them.

Know the sound of your car: When you drive your car, you should be well aware of sounds your car makes. If you find any abnormal sound as soon as you cross the speed of 60 Kmp, then you should immediately check the condition of the tires. If your car makes noise when in motion, then this might be due to the irregular wear of your car tires. Immediately take professional help in such circumstances.

Never try to gauge the tire pressure by looking at the tires: Well if you think that you can see whether your tire's air pressure is optimum or not just by looking at the them then you are making a big mistake. By the time you see that the tires are deflated, a lot of damage would have been done to your tires. So always get it checked at the air filling stations.


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