Saturday 11 April 2015

Secret Tips for Maintaining Your Car Battery

A few tips that might help you in you in your car battery maintenance.

Suppose that you are rushing for somewhere and the car fails to start or in case you are middle of nowhere and it suddenly comes to a halt at unwanted times. The car battery stops working or shows a state of complete discharge. It is irritating isn't it?

Tips for Maintaining Car Battery

But there are ways through which situations like this might be kept at bay. There are several ways that if kept in mind can provide a great help in maintaining your car battery. A battery without maintenance is a sign of great carelessness and at times might be an open invitation to unwanted troubles and hassles. In case you have shortage of time it is a better option to go for those batteries that ask for lower maintenance. A few points have been mentioned in this article that might help you in sailing smoothly through all kinds of roads. It is not very tough to maintain a battery, you only to perform some simple tasks and you may have a healthy battery life.

To begin with, battery maintenance needs small amount of cleaning and a regular checking of amount of electrolytes. As safety measure against sulphuric acid that is used in car batteries make sure you use rubber gloves and a pair of safety glasses. Also make sure that you work in a place that has proper air circulation and ventilation so that you are least affected by the harmful fumes that might arise from the battery. Also take care to follow the instructions as given in the manual by the battery manufacturers.

While taking care of the battery, first of all loosen up, and open the cable clamps that are connected to the battery cables. Then remove the clamps that hold the battery and slowly take it out of the car. Next, wash and clean the uppermost surface of battery with water and baking soda. Get rid of all the rust that has accumulated on clamps and terminals through an emery paper and 535 mesh wire brush. After you have finished cleaning, put it back into the car and reattach the clamps and wires that were previously attached to it. Take care to apply some grease over the battery clamps surface.

Then comes the part that consists of checking the electrolyte level in battery. Check the electrolyte level in the battery and make sure that it is always maintained a little lower than the splash outlet. If you notice the level lesser than that add some distilled water to re-maintain the desired level. It helps in maintaining the moisture over the battery plate.

Usually, batteries get recharged while the vehicles run on daily basis, so in case your car has not been out of garage in a long time the battery might have gone discharged. Also take care to start the car regularly and take it out for small rides on regular basis. Also try and keep the car in working condition consistently so you don’t have to use a charger to charge the car. And in case you are using a charger make sure you recharge your battery slowly as it ensures longer battery life.

Apart from this also make sure that you are using a standard or original battery charger despite of any sub-standard or cheap product. Take care that once the battery is charged completely you remove the charger, overcharging in any case reduces battery life and quality. Under normal circumstances, battry life is expected to be around three years. Once you have used a battery for this amount of time make sure you are changing it anyhow. The battery might be in good condition after three years or so but you cannot remain assure that it will be faithful to you for a long time. So it is advisable to spend a few bucks for buying new one despite of inviting any unwanted heavy expenses.

Last but not the least, the quality and durability of battery also equally depend on how you take care of your car and get it serviced. If you are take enough care to maintain all other parts like power mill, gear box, tires the battery wouldn’t be exerted much and the car will run smoothly for a longer period, ensuring a longer battery life.


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