Saturday 11 April 2015

Tips for Long Distance Driving

Long distance driving often seem quite adventurous but may be an open invitation to risks and mishaps.

The next thing that comes to mind as soon as you think of cars is long drives on along long unending roads. But the scene in reality might turn into a nightmare sometimes due to lack of proper preparations and knowledge of proper management tips. This article provides a few important car driving tips that might prove a stich in time and save nine.

Maintain Speed

On long drives always take care that you are maintaining an optimum speed and covering manageable distance in given time. Driving too fast or above given speed limits will only prove stressful and hazardous at the end of the day. Fatigue is something that ruins all fun and frolic of journeys. And what’s the point of getting tiered on those journeys that are meant for change and relaxation. But this doesn’t mean that you drive too slow, that dragging is also equally harmful and tiring. One other benefit of maintaining an optimum speed is the fuel efficacy of the car is least affected thus increasing the life of your car, engine, and your savings.

Obey Traffic Rules

Discipline in terms of lane maintenance is a necessary factor in case you are driving on normal or express highways. Unusual show off of driving stunts and frequent switching between lanes only leads to loss of speed, time, energy, and fuel. Proper obedience of lane and other traffic rules helps unusual traffic hassles and saves your and others time. Also it ensure yours and other safety on freeways that are usually known for major mishaps and crashes.

Learn to Read Minds

While covering hundreds of miles on road, try and learn the mood and mode of traffic. A driver with active mind and motivation can learn the skill in no time. Once you are thorough with the nature of traffic around you and the side by passing vehicles, you can easily move ahead and figure your path ahead. This helps in reducing unwanted stresses and wastage of time and energy.

Keep Your Body and Mind Relaxed

It is to be duly noted that a good driver is one who has complete control over his mind and body on long drives. It is highly required that while driving the driver keeps his mind alert and take proper break to avoid stressful body postures for a long time. It does affect the driving quality and safety of all in a long run. As a driver, try and keep your posture relaxed and try not to take off your eyes off the road and in case you have to move your vision to other side ask the front co-passenger to keep a vigilant eye on road. But never let your hands go off the wheel. Maximum accidents happen as a result of such careless nesses only.


Try to give your foot clutch a break on long drives as on freeways you don’t need to change gears that frequently. In case your car has a dead pedal, bring it in use, or in other case keep your left foot on floor board close to the clutch pedal.

So these were some important tips for long distance driving. If you keep even one or two of them in mind it can save you from a lot of trouble. 


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