Saturday 11 April 2015

Tips for driving safe under low temperatures

Few tips for safe driving under low temperatures to save from undesirable problems and hazards.

In this write-up, we will give some tips for driving safe under low temperatures to stay away from unwanted situations. Regions which are more likely to get winter weather near freezing temperature are considered to be “extremely cold” places. In this condition, you and your car need specials preparations for being on safer side. So, follow these easy tips to survive extreme temperatures –

Equip your car with these items: Flashlight and extra batteries, Tow rope, Bright coloured cloth, Tire chains (in areas with heavy snow), Water Container, High calorie foods, Can opener and Stored compressed air with sealant for urgent tire repair.

Tips for driving safe under low temperatures Additionally make sure car radiator is properly working and is in good condition, check the antifreeze level by antifreeze tester and antifreeze to the fuel as per requirement. Checked and replaced worn tires if any as well as maintain air-presser. You have replaced windshield wiper fluid with a wintertime mixture. You have functioning genuine spark plugs. You have checked air, fuel and emission filters, and PCV valve. All lights are properly working including brake lights as it helps driver to communicate with drivers behind. If there is any problem then fix it before driving. You are not trying drunk driving.

If you get stranded in difficult situation then keep at least one window open slightly as heavy snowfall can seal car. Keep a candy in mouth to maintain moisture. Don’t leave car until unless you know where you are and how to arrange help. And you are certain that you can tackle the situation. Light two flares and place them on both sides of car to attract attention. Hang a brightly colored cloth from car’s antenna. Keep yourself protected against hypothermia and frostbite wrap yourself including your head from extra cloths, blankets. Eat and drink wisely: Do not drink alcoholic or caffeinated beverages- they cause heat loss rapidly. Eat balanced diet to maintain body heat. Tips for safe winter driving conditions: Drive with low beam lights. High beams impair the visibility and are only reflected back from the fog. Fog creates a visual illusion of slow motion when you are actually speeding up. Reduce your speed and watch your speedometer. All the preventive measures are necessary as the reaction time decreases and it is hard to judge due to low visibility.

Keep patience and do not cross traffic line. Listen to traffic as you cannot see due to fog. Open window a little to hear the traffic better. Use wipers and defrosters to improve visibility. Do not halt on freeway or a heavily travelled road. Turn lights off if car becomes disabled. Take foot off the brake paddle as people tend to follow tail lights while driving in foggy conditions get away from your car in order to avoid injury. Don’t hit brakes in panic as you might hit by vehicles behind. Blow horn at regular interval to let others know about your presence. Use central verge of the road. Do not overtake and use fog lamps. Drive on left side of the road as sometimes it becomes harder to see some couple of meters past your cars bonnet. Essentially, use hazard warning lamps while parking car in foggy situation as it warns counterparts from a stationary vehicle. It has also been noticed that some drivers use hazard warning lamps while driving which create confusing state for the drivers behind. Avoid parking your car in a foggy patch.  


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