Saturday 11 April 2015

Boosting Horsepower of Your Car

A short insight into one of the major sections of car engine maintenance-car horse power up gradation.

Some of the major issues that are taken care of by maximum car makers are keeping the costs of car maintenance low and boosting the car mileage. The performance section is one that usually remains out of plain sight in such scenario. Through this article, we help you boost your car horsepower and improving the performance of your vehicle along with lower maintenance costs and mileage figure. Car horsepower maintenance can be done quite easily all you need to do is follow a few necessary steps.

Boosting Horsepower of Your Car

Step 1:  Install an upgraded free flow air filter

· Purchase a free flow air filter that suits the features and specifications of your car.
· Unlock the hood of your vehicle and try and locate the spot where the air filter can be accommodated. (You may start with looking for a long pipe like stuff that connects the engine and a square plastic box)
· Remove the air filter housing. Just unscrew all the clamps and screws and unlock the open filter housing. Make sure not to keep away any kind of foreign elements like dirt, dust, and air. These kind of stuff might contaminate your air filter housing.
· Remove the old air filter and dispose it carefully.
· Clean the inner side of the box with a clean moist piece of cloth.
· Now place the new free flow air filter in the same way as the old one had been placed.
· Close the air filter housing and drop the hood.

Step 2:  Add a power module to your engine’s computer to improve it

· Detach the negative cable of your battery.
· Find your car’s computer. Follow the instructions given in your car manual for operating your car’s computer.
· Disconnect the wiring harness from car’s computer.
· Now connect it to an after-market power module. Install it between computer and wiring harness.
· Now re-attach the negative cable to the battery.
· Start the car following the instructions given in your car manual.

Step 3:  Improve the computer of your car by adding a programmer to it

· Programmers are the devices that enhance the programming of your car that gives access to better power, torque, and at times fuel efficacy of your vehicle.

· Once you have bought the programmer for your computer, you may insert it in the computer with the help of your car’s instruction manual. Since programmers vary in respect of their installation as well as working, so taking the aid from instruction manual will be the safest option.

Step 4:  Update your car with a free flowing exhaust

· First of all, measure the diameter of exhaust pipe of our car’s exhaust. Measure the extended part diameter and not the diameter of exhaust tip. Focus on measuring the pipe that emeges from catalytic convertor of your vehicle since it is the smallest part of this system.
· Now for buying purpose, you may browse various online or manual car parts stores to get desired version of car exhaust. You may also browse several videos and sound clips related to this device and choose the correct option for you.
· You may also want to find out a “cat back” system. These systems are usually located between catalytic convertor and tip of exhaust piping.
· Often you would seek for a system that is ½ or ¼ inches longer than the existing ones. A few of you may also want to go for larger pipes but for that you will be required to make larger changes to system of your car. Also keep a note of this that a much free flowing exhaust might affect your car in an adverse way especially in case of low measuring torques. Therefore it is recommended to insert a ¼ inch free flowing exhaust to a 4 cylinder engine, ½ inch for a V8, and 3/8 inch exhaust for a six cylinder power mill.
· Once you have chosen the most suitable option for yourself, you can remove the older exhaust yourself or get it done by any known car mechanic.
· While removing the older exhaust, cut it from the point where it meets the catalytic convertor and leave behind a one or two inch long pipe for welding and clamping purposes. Disconnect the rest of the system from the hangars.
· Now place the new system at the very same location where the older one had been housed and clamp or weld it to the spot where you had initially cut it. Now replace the hangars that you has removed earlier.
· Now click start your car, it will definitely improve the horsepower figure by 10-15 units.

These tips have been derived after consultations with several car experts and will definitely help you in enhancing your car horsepower.

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