Saturday 11 April 2015

How to change the transmission fluid and filter

The important points related the how to change the transmission fluid and filter.

1. Elevate car, so you can crawl under it: Unless or until, you have hydraulic lift of the kind that repairing unit have, you will have to make use of jack stands to carry out the exercise.

2. Crawl under car and locate transmission fluid pan:  Pan will be attached to the bottom of transmission with 6-8 bolts.

3. Drain the fluid. This step can be carried out in two ways. Neither of both methods removes all fluid. About 50% of fluid will remain in transmission. To remove the fluid, you must flush transmission completely.

If pan has a drain plug, remove plug to drain fluid into a collection pan. Capacity of pan should be ten quarts, although that much probably will not drain out. Keep in mind that you will not be able to change the transmission fluid filter if use this way.

4. Remove transmission fluid pan. If there is no drain plug you will have to remove entire transmission fluid pan.

Maintenance Tips

· Unscrew two upper-most bolts half way. Afterwards unscrew other bolts all the way. As soon as last bolt is entirely unscrewed, pan may slump a bit and fluid will begin draining. If transmission pan does not drop on its own, you may have to hit it.
· Because fluid will drain around pan, you will need a pan at least as wide as transmission pan itself if you do not want to face a mess.
· Change transmission fluid filter as well which will be visible now that transmission pan has been removed. Just remove it.  Ensure to remember to install new filter!
· Automatic transmission pans have magnet inside to collect metal pieces which have been generated by worn moving parts. Remove shavings along with remaining fluid in pan.
· Check transmission pan gasket. It might be in need of replacement.

5. Get car down off jack stands.

6. Add new fluid. Different kinds of transmission fluids are available. Ensure to use the kind recommended by maker. Remove transmission fluid dip stick. New fluid goes directly into spout. You need a funnel. Pour in less fluid than drained out so as not to overfill.

7. Start car and run for some minutes. Turn off vehicle and check fluid level. If level is low, pour more fluid. Repeat until transmission fluid is at proper level.


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