Saturday 11 April 2015

Simple steps for a better maintained car

Autocarbazar lists some basic steps that will help in maintaining your car in a better way

Everyone thinks of the complicated stuff, but what really matters more is the simple, mundane things that they miss. For instance these, follow this list and see how your maintenance cost goes down... Never fight back when your car gets stuck If your car gets stuck in mud or snow, by throttling it further you risk getting further bogged down and damaging the underbody and burning your clutch plates.

Try reversing a bit and if that doesn’t work, simply switch off the engine and call a tow truck. It will be much cheaper than getting all the repair work done later for doing nothing but digging your car further in! Free your key chain In fact we will say that if possible, don’t have a key chain at all. When the key is in the ignition, if you have a heavy chain and say a few more keys bunged in, you risk wearing out the tumblers inside the ignition due to constant jumping of the china while the car moves. Even otherwise, why to load it with unnecessary weight?

Best to make do with a light chain if you need one and if you have been using a heavy chain, check if your key sticks when you crank up the engine. That’s a sign about wear and tear in the tumbles, get it fixed as soon as possible. Maintain a log for your vehicle It’s very important to maintain a detailed log of your vehicle. If not everything, then at least the kilometers between visits to the fuel station. By this you can make sure that the mileage of your vehicle is constant and if there is any drop, you can recognize it easily and get your mechanic to check for reasons. Keep on visiting Autocarbazar to know more such trips to make your car ownership a matter of joy. 


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