Saturday 11 April 2015

How to treat your new car

You should treat your new car in a very special way.

You should treat your new car in a very special way... Here are some tips from Autocarbazar that will ensure that your car life gets extended It's not every day that one buys a car, but when you do, we're sure that your aim would be make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

There are some simple and easy to follow rules that will ensure that your car serves you for an year more than what you expected, that is if not more! During the first 1800 - 2000 km, the time frame generally coined as the break-in period make sure that you keep the speed limit under 60 kph or whatever be the speed recommended by the manufacturer according to the car specifications. Try to maintain a speed and do not pence of the accelerator as if it's a spring to be bounced around. A key factor in increasing the longevity of car is to accelerate gently, keep the motor under 3000 rmp, for at least the first 300 kms. In fact, during the entire lifetime of a car, you should avoid hard acceleration and try to gradually build pace according to the way the engine was meant to pick up.

Make sure that during the initial 1800 km or so, you do not overload the car. Keep the roof empty, no carrier and try not to stuff your boot up with heavy equipment or machinery. Basically, the idea is to not increase the pressure on the drivetrain so that it adjusts to a normal pressure limit. One of the basic steps that should be followed throughout the lifetime of a car is not make it idle for long periods. And especially, when you are breaking-in a new car, the oil pressure that idling generates does not travel to every part of the engine. During the break-in period, typically the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km), keep your speed under 55 mph (88 kpm) or to the speed recommended by your car’s manufacturer. 


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