Saturday 11 April 2015

Road Safety First Priority

Road accidents are one of the biggest Issues and the reason for Individual worries. We present some ideas about Individual and road safety.

Across the globe the question for human road safety comes foremost. The human road safety is a need of an hour and some strict rules should be there to adhere. The accidents taking place in huge number is the major reason of learning and following safety tips on road. There are few tips on road safety which are very easy to remember and follow so that maximum number of people can enjoy the god gifted life not the brutal accidents. On the contrary the tips are easy but then also it is seen that people doesn't follow that, whether they are educated and learned ones or the literate people who joined cities from their respective villages on a recent go. Safety tips on road are as follows-

Road Safety First Priority

A) Seat belt laws or wearing of seat belts.
B) Use of mobile phones on the go.
C) Mixed drink and driving.

Let check out the first one –

The law for seat belts:  which has been enforced by the government authorities is hardly, gets obeyed by people. These laws are defined for the individual road safety and security, but the law has been taken as the binding force of government by people. Mainer times people take the law for granted and take it very lightly. For consumers knowledge we would like to interest masses that the Seat Belt Law has been divided by the government in two sections.  First is that any law executive or officer can put a charge or bill the person for not putting on the seat belt. In some conditions officer can also bill the consumer who are co passengers with the driver and not wearing seat belts especially the front co passenger sitting with the driver.

The Secondary law is for the consideration of law official weather he has to bill the charge or not, billing of charge depends on whether the customer has done a different stable offence or a law breach. The laws are optional and thus 31 states actually follow the primary seat belt law and other 18 cities follow the secondary seat belt law.

Use of Mobile Phones on the Go:  The biggest reason for the accidents on roads is using of the mobile phones on the go.  Second road safety tip is avoiding the mobile phone usage which should be followed but then sad to say that this is also not followed by the people. The talking over the phone or testing and messaging makes people refocused and makes the accident happens. Predictably the messaging is more a concerned reason for accidents rather than speaking over the phone while on the go. As per the predicted data 23% accidents are because of testing happens with car driving people. An average of 80% accidents happens due to the usage of cell phones.

Mixed Drink and Driving:  Another reason which is very big and common for accidents is driving under the impression of alcohol.  This is the road safety tip for town roads and highways too. On the Long drives people carry some alcohol with them or either they drink and drive.  This is a very serious offence and it is charged very high to consumers. Basically in metro cities one can find lot many people drinking alcohol and driving the vehicles.  This should be strictly adhered by people as this is also the biggest road safety tips. The data under this situation also shows that nationally 33% of accidents are caused due to drunk drivers.  The drinking and driving should not be mixed and even people should understand that carrying alcohol on the go is bad and serious. Loads of cities has enforced this law by the law enforcement officers as the officers check the alcohol percentage by using a device of puffing air and electronically the percentage can be gained by the officers. After that may be possible some hard actions can be taken by the officer.

We as human beings should understand the value of life and the importance of others life. By not obeying the road safety tips one not only harm himself or herself but also the second person who so ever meets with accident.


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